How to Improve our Ramadhan Quality

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Let us increase the values ​​of our piety to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala by truly taqwa wa bil Special, especially when we are in this noble month, namely the month of Ramadan.
In the Book of Fawaid Mukhtaroh by Al Habib Ali bin Hasan Baharun it is explained.
انَ السَّلَفُ لُوْنَ انَ اعِ الطَّاعَاتِ العِبَادَاتِ، لَافِ النَّاسِ الآن لُوْنَهُ اعِ المَطْعُوْمَاتِ المَشْرُوْبَاتِ

The previous pious salaf welcomed the month of Ramadan with a variety of obedience and worship in contrast to the current situation, they welcomed it with a variety of food and drinks.

That’s the reality of our current situation where we are more preoccupied with thinking about what food and drinks we will serve when breaking the fast, what food and drinks will we eat and enjoy when breaking fast?, is not a question that is more important than just food and drink. , namely what worship, what piety, what practice, what dhikr, we will increase in this month of Ramadan?
It is an incomparable regret when we enter the month of Ramadan and just ignore it, without any increase in obedience, without an increase in shodaqoh, without an increase in dhikr and other practices.
Like our friends, our family, our friends who have passed away to Rahmatullah first, they used to think they would arrive at this glorious month of Ramadan, but it turns out they didn’t get this glorious opportunity, and they haven’t had time to get there yet. in this glorious month of Ramadan to worship more to further increase obedience and piety.
As for us, whom Allah gave us more life, we whom Allah gave us another chance to enjoy this glorious month of Ramadan, are we going to waste it?
Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said:
لَوْ لَمُ النَّاسُ ا انَ اليُمْنِ البَرَكَةِ لَتَمَنَّوا لًا امِلًا
If people knew that the month of Ramadan was a month of goodness and blessings, then they would have dreamed that the whole year would be the month of Ramadan.
امَ انَ انًا احْتِسَابًا لَهُ ا
The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, whoever fasts Ramadan and then performs worship in the month of Ramadan with full faith and ihtisab then his previous sins have been forgiven by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.


Explained by Al Habib Abdullah bin Alwi Al Haddad in the book Nashoih Diniyyah the meaning of faith and ihtisab from the Hadith is, faith which means believing in the promises of Allah swt and ihtisab which means being sincere to Allah.
So if he fasts with full faith in the promises of Allah, accompanied by sincerity and sincerity in worship, then he gets the glory of Ramadan in the form of forgiveness of sins that he has passed.
So don’t be surprised later, if after coming out of Ramadan his sins have been forgiven by Allah swt and he is pure like a new born baby without sin.

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