How to cook indomie

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Good day everyone!

We will cook noodles in a special way

A simple recipe for side dish or snacks, very easy to make in just 3 STEPS

I used Indomie but you can use any brand you like

1st – Mix the noodles seasonings with the eggs

You can add more eggs, it will be on the softer side less crunchy and crispy

Start mixing the seasonings and the eggs

I used Indomie Fried Noodles as it’s mostly available here

2nd – Mix the noodles with the eggs, separate the noodles to a smaller pieces

Try not to make it too small so it will be crispy after it’s cooked

Warm the pan on a low heat

Add some cooking oil

Warm the oil just like when we’re making an omelet

3rd – Add now the noodles and egg mixtures

I divided it into two halves

Flattened the mixture like pancake thus, the edges will be more crispy

The lower part will be cooked within 1 minute

Slightly shake the pan hence, it easier to flip it over

We will cook each side for 1 minute

I’m pressing the mixture just to make sure it’s thoroughly cooked

Just fry the remaining mixture

I didn’t add more cooking oil

Follow the same steps from our first mixture

Try not leave while cooking, as it’s easily get burned


Now it’s cooked and we can start eating

I enjoy it more when it’s still warm

In 5 minutes, we already have side dish or snacks

We can also use it as patties for burger or bread

This was my go to meal when I was in college

Because it’s so easy to cook but I try not to make it my usual food as noodles is also not good for our health


happy good day, see you again in the next “how to”

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