How to boil Pasta

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hey everyone and welcome back to another how-to episode today chef’s going to

show us how to boil pasta now as simple as this does sound chef has a lot of tips and tricks he wants to share with you to make this even easier

than you may think so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started

so chef wants to show us some of the possibly doing we have one cup of elbow

macaroni two cups of rigatoni and one quarter pound of thin spaghetti these are the three pastas we’ll be cooking up

the very first tip is to use cold water you want a cold water because warm or hot water can go through your pipes pick up sediment heat up the pipe break down sediments and or bad tasting sediments.

and get those in the pot whereas cold water will not also you want to fill your pot with more than enough water to cover the pasta so when it boils it won’t boil below the pasta.

go ahead and put your pot on the stove and start to heat it up to a boiling point

our second tip is saltine now salting adds flavor it also raises the temperature of boiling point a

little bit and some people say that it does help boil faster we’ve also seen

the team has seen it doesn’t so we’re kind of on the fence about that however once it comes to a boil go ahead and slowly add your pasta in there goes

the rigatoni the next one is oil and chef likes to add oil to the pasta to keep it from sticking however some critics say don’t add oil because it will keep the sauce from sticking to the pasta which we’re not perfectly sure on yet but that’s up to you

now chef’s gonna go ahead and take a quick step back and he’s gonna throw some spaghetti in this pot because he wants to show you that spaghetti or long strand pasta is a little bit different than shorter you want to put it in and let it sit for about a half you know half a minute to a minute so it warms up

and then just slowly turn it in until it’s fully submerged and then continue on the process chef want to do this side just for you though to show it’s a little different

however once your pasta is fully submerged you want to bring it back up you know to a boil and then turn it off, so when your pasta is boiling go ahead and put the lid back on you know turn it off and then seven minutes

after about six or seven minutes check the pasta some  it’s a little bit thicker than others so you want to just you know play it by how you like it some pasta is also cooked with other dishes so you may want it more al dente a little crunchier

after the seven minute mark wherever you feel comfortable we’re going to drain

our pasta so take your pot of water and

pasta off

put it in a strainer

and then the tip that chef likes to let

everyone know is

shake it a little bit get the water out

but then go ahead and take that strainer

and just put it right inside the pot and

i’m sure a lot of people know to do this

this will allow you to work with the

pasta while the water continues to drain

we didn’t want to throw any sauce or

anything in here because we wanted to

show you how to do the pasta but here

you can do things like add your sauce

butter and as you can see there the

pasta is nice

perfectly cooked about seven minutes but

you can add your butter or different you

know different things here

and there it is there’s our rigatoni

and then our elbow macaroni

and all chef added to these three with

just a little bit of oil on top to show


and then our thin spaghetti

thank you so much for joining us don’t

forget each pasta is a little bit

differently like angel hair is a very

light pasta gotta be careful uh thicker

rigatoni like we cook today’s a little

thicker so you gotta be careful in the


but definitely check out the description

below we’ll give you some more tips and

tricks for you we do hope you really

enjoyed this and our how-to segments

that we’re doing thanks everyone for

coming out and if you haven’t subscribed

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much everyone i’m the narrator until

next time cooking should be fun have fun

doing it


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